Midwest Adventures

The past week was full of rapidfire exchanges, shushing, and travel–a midwest convergence that gave us a chance to launch the book in Milwaukee and share it in Chicago and Madison.

We started out on Wednesday 12/10 at Danny’s, where we read with Tony Trigilio and were hosted by Joel Craig. Thanks to everyone who came out—Daniel Borzutzky, Sarah Fox, Joshua Young, Nathan Hoks, Abraham Avnisan, Anthony Madrid, Stephanie Anderson, Nadya Pittendrigh, Richard Davis, David Welch, and sorry if we’re forgetting anyone else!

The next day, we hopped a train to Milwaukee:

Where we launched the book to an audience of friends and family at Woodland Pattern. We’re deeply grateful to Michael Wendt and Chuck Stebelton for hosting us, to Anna Vitale for reading with us (and singing to us), and to Ngoho Reavey for the beautiful introduction.


On Friday, we hung out with filmmakers Chris James Thompson and Pang Her, shooting a couple of experimental video readings that we hope will help elucidate the book. Look for those soon on our media page.

Then we hopped in the car to drive out to Madison, with a quick stop for refreshment along the way.

Am for Americano

Our wonderful hosts in Madison, Lewis Freedman and Anna Vitale, run the Oscar Presents house reading series, and they showed us a lovely time, read with us, as we all held a buffalo stance.

Back in Chicago the next day, Andy hosted a reading at Myopic Books of authors he had interviewed as part of 60 Morning Talks, which came out this year from Ugly Duckling Presse.

Joel Craig, Caryl Pagel, Nick Twemlo, and Amaranth read selections from their work, and Andy interviewed them live. Thanks to Larry Sawyer for hosting and providing an awesome screen so Amaranth could read from Between Page and Screen.

Thanks to Chicago and Milwaukee for not being too cold, and to the skimmity winds that blew us from place to place!

Image by Daniela Olszewska

Image by Daniela Olszewska